Making the Most of your Therapy Experience

  • Keep a journal. Spend time after each session writing down what you wish to remember from the session. You would be amazed how quickly new insights can be repressed and forgotten.

  • Review your journal prior to your next session.

  • Inform your therapist of any negative emotional reactions to therapy as soon as possible.

  • Avoid sharing too much of the content of your therapy sessions with friends or family.  It is your work—other peoples’ comments, even if seemingly supportive, can influence your process more than you realize.

  • Expect to do ‘work’ on your issues outside of the therapy sessions.  Think of your therapist as a coach.  You and your therapist will discuss new strategies to try out in the world, but it is practice in real life situations and with people who are a meaningful part of your life that will really bring lasting change and enhanced self-confidence.