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Dr. Dann is Moving on April 23rd

I am pleased to announce that effective April 23, 2018, I will join another practice, Pitts & Associates, located in Beacon Center at 601 Beacon Parkway West, Suite 201, Birmingham, Alabama  35209 (tel.:  205-870-3520).  My new office in Birmingham is located only about four miles from my old Office Park location in Mountain Brook.  Other contact and location information for the new office is available on line at  To schedule appointments to be held after the date of my move, please call 205-870-3520; to schedule appointments to occur prior to 4/23/18, please call 912-2000.

Requests for old records generated by providers during their former periods of employment at Alabama Psychotherapy & Wellness Center can be directed to me at the new office.  Record requests should include 1) a signed, HIPAA-compliant authorization for the release of the records that includes the signature of a witness to your signature, 2) the name of the practitioner who generated the records, 3) the name, fax number, and address of the agency or practitioner to whom you want the records sent, as well as 4) approximate service dates of when the records were generated.  Of course, I cannot assist with records that were generated in other practices, so please check on the location of the provider before contacting me in order to assure that your request is directed to the proper individual.  Records for adult clients normally are destroyed seven years after the date on which the last documented clinical service occurred.  Records for children and adolescents normally are retained for longer periods.

After the move, I will continue to carry the same emergency cell phone, but the current number may be changed; I will attempt to notify current clients of any change in that number as soon as possible.  If you have trouble reaching me at the emergency cell number after hours, you may as an alternative contact a Crisis Center for assistance.

Finally, please be aware that after April 20th, if you have a past-due balance for services received from any provider at Alabama Psychotherapy & Wellness Center prior to my move, those payments must be made with cash, check, or money order, as Alabama Psychotherapy & Wellness Center will no longer have credit card processing services once I move to the new office (of course, if you receive future services from me, credit cards may be used at any time after my move for services received in the new office).

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or if there is anything with which I can assist.

All my best,

Lorne Dann, Ph.D.